2004 Chevy SSR 15k original miles

2 owners

Silver over Black Heated Leather

Locally Truck – Perfect Carfax – No paintwork

Power Top – Chrome Wheel Package – Running Boards

Automatic – Power Everything

A Convertible Corvette with a sealed pick-up truck bed!


 photo ssr-24_zps501f2c1f.jpg
 photo ssr-23_zpsd1bc780c.jpg
 photo ssr-22_zpsdb9b1143.jpg
 photo ssr-21_zps3b6aa0f5.jpg
 photo ssr-20_zps4c38b408.jpg
 photo ssr-19_zps669050ce.jpg
 photo ssr-18_zps8883a72a.jpg
 photo ssr-17_zps5603793d.jpg
 photo ssr-16_zps96834e4b.jpg
 photo ssr-15_zps83afc6fd.jpg
 photo ssr-14_zpsf7b769da.jpg
 photo ssr-13_zps7ed2b677.jpg
 photo ssr-12_zps748e60ec.jpg
 photo ssr-11_zpsf47d9628.jpg
 photo ssr-10_zpsb57df7f7.jpg
 photo ssr-9_zps847ba7e5.jpg
 photo ssr-8_zpsee7731cb.jpg
 photo ssr-7_zps641f6e05.jpg
 photo ssr-6_zps827dd556.jpg
 photo ssr-5_zpsb3f427fd.jpg
 photo ssr-4_zps7f8850cb.jpg
 photo ssr-3_zpsbeafec7c.jpg
 photo ssr-2_zps289097a3.jpg
 photo ssr_zpsd90e0711.jpg
 photo ssr-51_zps0b19e878.jpg
 photo ssr-50_zps9de5dc8d.jpg
 photo ssr-49_zpsc1878934.jpg
 photo ssr-48_zps9441f476.jpg
 photo ssr-47_zpsdaa3c2b9.jpg
 photo ssr-46_zpsc286f464.jpg
 photo ssr-44_zpsc8a1a264.jpg
 photo ssr-43_zpsd99367aa.jpg
 photo ssr-42_zps22bbd3f0.jpg
 photo ssr-40_zpsff4af057.jpg
 photo ssr-39_zps602ed664.jpg
 photo ssr-38_zps9d82baf5.jpg
 photo ssr-34_zps5cd765a4.jpg
 photo ssr-33_zps3a3d11f1.jpg
 photo ssr-32_zpsef8e421f.jpg
 photo ssr-31_zpsc6352415.jpg
 photo ssr-27_zps7dbff4c7.jpg
 photo ssr-30_zps014fda17.jpg

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