About us…

My name is Steve Serge and I have been a registered licensed and bonded Pennsylvania dealer for nearly 20 years. For those 20 years, I have sold and brokered some of the nicest and best valued specialty, collector, antique and hi-option late model cars available to the public. Having grown up in restoration and detailing shops while working through school/college, I developed a highly trained eye for recognizing good cars from bad, desirable ones from base models and problem vehicles from the ones that make us friends.
If you call to chat about a vehicle, you will speak directly to me – always. Not a secretary, not some young salesman who was selling Hi-Def TV’s at Best Buy last month and not a finance/loan officer just hungry for your signature. You will talk directly to me ALWAYS and within the first 2-3 minutes of our conversation I will tell you everything that is right and everything that is wrong with the vehicle you are interested in. Naturally the “rights” will heavily outweigh the “wrongs” as with every vehicle I sell but because I firmly believe no driven vehicle is 100% flawless, it should be presented to you that way via conversation, written description and of course my d-tailed photographs pointing out things so there are no “hidden surprises” if you come to buy in person or have the vehicle shipped directly to you.
I have specialized in nervous-online-sight unseen buyers & clients for the last 2 decades, long before online auto outfits like Carvana, Vroom and Off-Lease-Only were even dreamt up. Nobody presents, describes and selects vehicles like I can and my feedback and reputation prove that. My favorite part of selling vehicles online is when a buyer calls me to tell me it was “nicer than described”.
Over the past 2 decades I have sent vehicles to every state in the Continental US and over 15 countries world wide. I hand select every vehicle I offer. I thoroughly road test, service and amend any loose ends before advertising a vehicle for sale. I only deal in vehicles with perfect history reports. I heavily scrutinize the market for comparable vehicles ensuring my vehicle is a level above others but below price when compared.
Price online is the price you pay:
I don’t do hidden fees. Period.
It’s absurd the games I see new car dealers play with this. I have actually seen dealers advertise cars for $3k less to get you in the door and only to find out the $3k down they expected you to pay wasn’t included in the advertised price – WHAT?? Or my other favorite bait-n-switch, “Oh, that advertised price is only if you finance it at our dealerships absurdly high interest rate..”
Please fellow dealers, stop insulting the general public – you’re embarrassing yourselves…
Price listed here is your sale price. It includes all internal paperwork fees on my end.
The only additional fees you will incur are your states standard title & registration fees and/or a Temp Tag from the State of Pennsylvania to drive out of state which they charge $75 for.
Do not expect to be impressed by our location.
We have a tiny place – and no employees. It’s not very fancy and it’s not even visible from the main road. You’re buying a car, not our facility and that’s really what matters. This streamlined way of operating allows me to sell top notch cars at a lower price because I have no overhead. If you’d like a French Vanilla Latte’ brought to you by a pretty host while you wait in the air conditioned showroom with leather couches you will have to go down the road and pay $2k-$3k more for your car because that’s not us.
Low overhead + awesome hi-option cars = better prices/car for you.