2000 Monaco Diesel RV For Sale

10/13/15 Update: Photos of this RV were copied and used to falsely advertise the RV outside of PA for a very low price…

Please use your head when making online purchases & remember, if it’s sound to good to be true, well  – you know the rest…

32,000 original miles

Cummins Diesel Engine

Doctor Owned & Maintained

Excellent Condition


 photo RVjoe-1_zps1tkpsdf6.jpg
 photo RVjoe-2_zpso4wahj1s.jpg
 photo RVjoe-3_zpsjeai8de1.jpg
 photo RVjoe-4_zpshq9lkkvx.jpg
 photo RVjoe-5_zpsmctyiqiy.jpg
 photo RVjoe-6_zpspsseaibm.jpg
 photo RVjoe-7_zpsrdeqvnpx.jpg
 photo RVjoe-8_zpssqxhwzwq.jpg
 photo RVjoe-9_zpss8tutg4a.jpg
 photo RVjoe-10_zpsgaj4ovf1.jpg
 photo RVjoe-11_zpsujltdnp3.jpg
 photo RVjoe-12_zpssoehqjpo.jpg
 photo RVjoe-13_zpsxu41u7mm.jpg
 photo RVjoe-14_zpsvjgo0ffw.jpg
 photo RVjoe-15_zps3yxefh1z.jpg
 photo RVjoe-16_zpsnmt01t0o.jpg
 photo RVjoe-17_zpsuiq13plh.jpg
 photo RVjoe-18_zpsaebjujcz.jpg
 photo RVjoe-19_zpszqksbj01.jpg
 photo RVjoe-20_zps20zzrczq.jpg
 photo RVjoe-21_zpsk9go2yex.jpg
 photo RVjoe-22_zpszelv2bf2.jpg
 photo RVjoe-23_zpscqckwvgj.jpg
 photo RVjoe-24_zpsfmkx3lc1.jpg
 photo RVjoe-25_zpsxs5lzdyh.jpg
 photo RVjoe-26_zpss39tvmvh.jpg
 photo RVjoe-27_zpsrngpn0gp.jpg
 photo RVjoe-28_zpspdpdbxui.jpg
 photo RVjoe-29_zps2npljam3.jpg
 photo RVjoe-30_zpsb9fpeg12.jpg
 photo RVjoe-31_zpsdhn96j5v.jpg
 photo RVjoe-32_zpscxpsxjxm.jpg
 photo RVjoe-33_zpsz1tiezm2.jpg
 photo RVjoe-34_zpskmnyqyrv.jpg
 photo RVjoe-35_zpslg63gzvh.jpg
 photo RVjoe-36_zpsb1p5fltb.jpg
 photo RVjoe-37_zpsmpsjyisr.jpg
 photo RVjoe-38_zpsqlv9otwl.jpg
 photo RVjoe-39_zpstshy0s69.jpg
 photo RVjoe-40_zpsvsh8bhqe.jpg
 photo RVjoe-41_zpsgnfni9so.jpg
 photo 911B10D4-57BE-4E47-B473-E4302A990596_zpsxroirzax.png
 photo B2A1ACE8-B84A-482B-8497-E881CC8F3A4A_zpst5qbbhil.png
 photo 70c6c534-4ddc-4bc2-bd89-1935d2e3a5ad_zpsfcreukdz.png
 photo 8a04da7f-eedc-435a-b543-3fe7a3c6b163_zpszrknohkb.png

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