2013 Jeep Rubicon 10th Anniversary SOLD

2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

10th Anniversary Rubicon

13,000 miles

Leather / Heated Seats / Navigation / Painted Hardtop

6 Speed Manual

Ripp Supercharger / Diablo Sport Tuner

3.5″ Lift / 35″ Goodyears / Warn Winch

AMP Power Running Boards

and more…


thank you Casey in North Carolina

 photo rubi-2_zpsgryggd8k.jpg
 photo rubi-17_zpsararoodb.jpg
 photo rubi-16_zps72ghhcju.jpg
 photo rubi-15_zpscz4vvwde.jpg
 photo rubi-14_zpspczz5r9a.jpg
 photo rubi-13_zpsilyeo3ef.jpg
 photo rubi-12_zpsifk3ovde.jpg
 photo rubi-11_zpsa9pwkmfb.jpg
 photo rubi-10_zps97qql14a.jpg
 photo rubi-3_zpsopt6wm0b.jpg
 photo rubi-4_zps7vks2s6b.jpg
 photo rubi-5_zpskab6fznh.jpg
 photo rubi-6_zpskvg45qya.jpg
 photo rubi-7_zpsob8gpugu.jpg
 photo rubi-8_zpsdgzgcgbo.jpg
 photo rubi-9_zpscb4a3qzg.jpg
 photo rubi-18_zpsehyrrtky.jpg
 photo rubi-19_zpscsqdvijr.jpg
 photo rubi-20_zpsyupwer7a.jpg
 photo rubi-21_zpsuuskiscu.jpg
 photo rubi-22_zps9z4s4v7f.jpg
 photo rubi-23_zpsvrokdgzo.jpg
 photo rubi-24_zpsbjylhvzv.jpg
 photo rubi-25_zpsqcu7kvm0.jpg
 photo rubi-26_zpsh4fsxnpq.jpg
 photo rubi-27_zpskmjvsp1c.jpg
 photo rubi-28_zpstiokwutb.jpg
 photo rubi-29_zps2ddosita.jpg
 photo rubi-30_zpsmvka45ru.jpg
 photo rubi-31_zpsa9cczf4s.jpg
 photo rubi-32_zpsaanpbjxo.jpg
 photo rubi-33_zpsbbyxc6n1.jpg
 photo rubi-34_zpshvxdayaf.jpg
 photo rubi-35_zps6vf1oqac.jpg
 photo rubi-36_zpsevcae4cc.jpg
 photo rubi-37_zps5vwnfiez.jpg
 photo rubi-38_zpsmyx3rmii.jpg
 photo rubi-39_zpsoveck669.jpg
 photo rubi-40_zpspjz4exdl.jpg
 photo rubi-41_zpsv9wyovhf.jpg
 photo rubi-42_zps4dbs7xd9.jpg
 photo rubi-43_zpsztkgu4oj.jpg
 photo rubi-44_zpszi3eg28l.jpg
 photo rubi-45_zpsghtrcf2y.jpg
 photo rubi-46_zps7aqgpxoo.jpg
 photo rubi-47_zps5wxfs1ai.jpg
 photo rubi-48_zpsx6we181y.jpg
 photo rubi-49_zpspd7cqcbd.jpg
 photo rubi-50_zpshmrn8kz4.jpg
 photo rubi-51_zpsxzlfsup4.jpg
 photo rubi-52_zpsudu3ill8.jpg
 photo rubi-53_zpsnzocf9nw.jpg
 photo rubi-54_zps85wdbg9v.jpg
 photo rubi-55_zpse0zycter.jpg
 photo rubi-56_zpsej7xsd6c.jpg
 photo rubi-57_zpsha6gxbrk.jpg
 photo rubi-58_zpstrulso1c.jpg
 photo rubi-59_zpshserett8.jpg
 photo rubi-60_zps5ag10qwl.jpg
 photo rubi-61_zps7rloo8nc.jpg
 photo rubi-62_zpsfsswrmjc.jpg
 photo rubi-63_zpscm0m4mgt.jpg
 photo rubi-64_zpsgkcxzfde.jpg

2 thoughts on “2013 Jeep Rubicon 10th Anniversary SOLD

  1. Hi, My name is CW3 Brian Koegler, I contacted you a month ago about the both Anniversary Edition Rubicon for sale. I return to PA this upcoming weekend. I am just writing to let you know that I am interested in the Jeep. Thank you.



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