Product Review: Mothers SPEED Clay 2.0

Much like yourself, I am skeptical when I see the wheel get reinvented. Clay bars have been around for the better part of a decade or two now. They were such an amazing invention, there was a pretty bitter series of lawsuits over who was the originator and had rights to the concept although I admittedly lost track of that battle. The clay bar system preps and removes airborn particles better than any other system available for automotive paint. Better than any chemical. Better than any buffing system. And it does this safely without harm. So much so, detailers have made a small fortune targeting over-spray removal jobs paid for by insurance companies. Scenario: XYZ Painting Company is spray painting a home or business and doesn’t have the smarts or energy to ask cars parked near by to move them. The overspray from painting the building goes into the air and travels landing on the cars. Typically this happens in summer where the paint gets a chance to “bake” on the car on nice warm does. Sometimes the overspray is barely detectable but if you’re a car person and know your vehicle, you will notice it. Enter the detail shop armed with a box of clay bars. Clay bars will safely remove most oversprays and contaminants without damaging paint.

On to 2017. We had a higher end vehicle in inventory that had some mild overspray from where it was stored over the winter. When I went to pick up a traditional clay bar, I happened upon this Mother’s product. Skeptical, I read some reviews and most were positive so I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt.

The Mothers SPEED 2.0 is outstanding. It is quick, it is easy, it is nicer to handle and flat out better in every department than traditional clay. It doesn’t get sticky or leave product on the finish. The real bonus of this product is using it while you wash the car. Granted, you are not using a quick detailer or spray wax to enhance simultaneously, but the ease of scrubbing every panel of a vehicle while you are washing the car is outstanding. I seriously wish this product was around when we were professionally detailing for retail clients. I would have upsold EVERYONE on a clay bar cleaning with their detail simply because of ease of use not to mention excellent results.

We bought ours at our local A&A Auto Parts store that happily matched an online price of $18.00. I believe MSRP was round $23.00. It’s advertised that it will work on 20+ vehicles. At roughly $1 a car, that’s worth it’s weight in gold in my opinion.


Owner, Serge’s Auto Sales of Northeast Pennsylvania



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